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About me

Hello. I'm Laura, a medical communications specialist. Over the years, my passion for science has led me on a journey of research, discovery and genuine awe for the human body.
From my original love of neuroscience, I have also delved into the world of hepatology, psychiatry and mental health, infectious diseases and more recently, women's health and lifestyle medicine approaches for chronic diseases.
I started out as a journal editor, and over the years I've developed my skills in medical writing, visual communications, content and communication strategies, and consultancy on medical writing projects. 

English is my mother tongue. I am consistent, articulate, and thorough in my work, with the principal aim of communicating effective and clear science to a varied audience. 

Laura A. Kehoe, PhD

Medical & Scientific Communications //
Editor and Writer
About me
Editing, Writing
& Proofreading
Communication Content & Strategies Development
Medical Communication Consultancy

Document types

I have worked on a variety of scientific and medical documents either at an individual level, or working with other authors or medical illustrators in both academia and industry.

Publications (both editing & writing of):

  • Abstract writing for publications & conferences

  • Editorials

  • Basic & clinical research articles

  • Reviews

  • Point of view letters

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Journal issue summaries

Business or industry:

  • Annual reports

  • Social media - Twitter & LinkedIn

  • Undergraduate education brochures 

  • WHO Laboratory manuals

  • WHO technical & guidance reports

  • Internal communications - Microsoft Teams

Academia & Research:

  • Theses & dissertations

  • Grant proposals - Horizon Europe funding

  • Study & methodology protocols

  • Interviewing experts

  • Event planning - communications build up to event 

Visual communications:

  • Presentations

  • Figures, graphical abstracts & images

  • Summaries & cover images

  • Web design, content creation and usability assessments

  • Editing, compiling & publishing video interviews 

Document types
Neuroscience & Cognition
  • Neurodevelopment
  • Learning & memory
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Neuropsychology
Psychiatry & psychology
  • Child & adolescent psychiatry ​
  • Mental health
  • Women's health
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Liver cancer
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver transplantation
  • Metabolism, obesity & diabetes, obesity and
Women's health 
  • Reproduction & fertility
Infectious diseases

This list is not exhaustive, my interests in science and my curiosity means that I am keen to take on projects in other scientific fields. 


Lets work together. Below is an example of some of the services I can provide:
Proofreading (Level 1): The document is ready for submission but requires a careful and detailed read to check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting consistency. 
Copyediting (Level 2): This includes the criteria in proofreading, but the article is thoroughly checked to ensure that the content is clear, concise, and information is complete. Some sentences will be reworded to improve clarity and flow of the writing. This includes checking tables and figures plus legends but does not include checking and sourcing referencing unless requested by the author. 
Substantive editing (Level 3): All of the above but the document requires more editing to rewrite sections that do not read well or flow. I will endeavour to maintain the authors original voice and meaning. With this level of editing, I will offer suggestions for improvements and give advice where needed. This will usually require revisions with the author and myself. 
Writing: I can work with a client on a writing project. We work together to generate a table of content for the document, to discuss referencing and illustrations, and to develop a plan for the writing and timings of the project. This requires a lot more communication between myself and the client to get the project realised. 
Consultancy: With my years of experience being a medical communicator, I also consult with my clients on launching their future projects. Within this role, I have an open discussion with my client to expand on their project ideas and inform them of ways to move forward. I give advice on target audience needs, submission processes and optimise the final publication to ensure maximum readability and reach, as well as producing a visually stimulating document. 
We can discuss exactly what I can offer to you in relation to your needs, budget, and deadlines. Fees will be determined on the time and extent of work needed on your project. 
I am also a registered member of the European Medical Writers Association ( and have obtained several credits by following their official workshops, as well as being the Chair of the Freelance Business Group (2018-present) and section editor of Out On Own Own in their journal Medical Writing.  
Areas of expertise


I would be happy to discuss your project with you, contact me to get the ball rolling. Either fill out the automatic form or contact me via email or phone. 

Success! Message received.

(+41) 078 72 71 700


I would be happy to discuss your project with you, contact me to get the ball rolling. Either fill out the automatic form or contact me via email or phone. 

Success! Message received.

(+41) 078 72 71 700

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